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Another source of inspiration

November 19, 2010

I spent a really interesting day in London yesterday including a visit to the The British Museum. I’d been to the downstairs galleries before but, for some reason, I’d never visited those upstairs.

The sheer volume, quality and range of objects on display was overwhelming. I only spent a couple of hours in there but you’d need *weeks* to do the exhibits justice.

My main reason for visiting was to see the Sutton Hoo helmet as I recently saw a TV documentary on it. The helmet was remarkable but what really caught my imagination was a hoard of silver objects, some whole and some broken, that had been buried by a group of Vikings. Within that hoard was a range of materials: religious icons, little silver ingots, broken jewellery and coins. Each had their own story to tell.

What were the stories of those objects? Which were booty? Which were love tokens? Which were traded for their craftsmanship, investment or picked up on a whim?

So many stories, none of which we’ll ever know for certain. But what a place for the imagination to thrive.

I took lots of photos at the museum. I think they could be a source of stories for me for a long time to come.

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